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Kickstarter Pledge Levels


You must select Add-Ons equal to or greater than the amount of your Additional Amount Code before entering it and clicking through to PayPal.


Completing Your Pledge

These are the steps you need to go through to complete your pledge and choose your rewards and add-ons. The instructions below may be different to the Invite email you received so please ensure you have read the following fully before continuing.


1) Choose Your Pledge

Once logged in please confirm your Pledge Level by clicking on the ADD TO CART  button beneath it. 

When the window asking if you’d like to Continue Shopping or Show Cart pops up select SHOW CART.

2) Add or Confirm Your Address

Once the Cart page has opened click on “Add/Edit billing address information” and enter in your addresses for both Billing and Shipping. You can just enter it once into Billing Address if they are the same. Once complete click on SAVE / UPDATE and it will take you back to the Shopping Cart page.


Note on Increasing / Adding Pledges – You can choose either additional pledge levels or a higher pledge level if you want. Just select them as well then apply your code. The additional charge will simply be added onto your total when you finalise your order.

5) Choose Your Rewards

All the products included in your Pledge Level are called Pledge Rewards and need to be added manually from the Pledge Rewards category of this site. This includes the ones which are automatically included, free dice, Hansi the Cat etc as well as your choices of Sections, Brutes, Heroes etc! We did this to give people the choice if they want to receive them or not as they can affect postage. Your chosen Pledge Level lists the total number of each type of Pledge Reward you can add. Please double check your choices as any additional or incorrect sets selected in error could lead to a delay in your order being shipped.

6) Choose Your Add-Ons

Once you have added your included Rewards (and double checked you haven’t added any extra by mistake) it’s time to browse through the Add-Ons categories and add those items you would like to receive with your order. If you received an Additional Amount Code (by pledging more than your Pledge Level’s value) its value will be deducted from the total in your Cart when you add it just before completing your order.


7) Complete your order and enter your code(s)

7a) Add your Pledge Level Code

Enter your Pledge Level Code from your invitation email into the “Enter Your Code Here” box and click SAVE / UPDATE. You will see the Pledge Level discount applied to your order.

7b) Add Your Additional Amount Code

If during the Kickstarter you pledged more than your chosen Pledge Level’s amount of money you will also have received an Additional Amount Code for that value. Enter that now as above, this credit will be applied against any add-ons you have chosen.

7c) Complete Your Order 

Double check your order, you can add/remove products at this stage by changing the values in the Quanitity column boxes and clicking on SAVE / UPDATE. Then once you're happy everything looks okay click on CHECK OUT NOW and then click again on CONFIRM PURCHASE. You will then be taken to PayPal to pay your postage and any additional charges. If you go back at this stage befpore completing your payment your codes will be invalidated so ensure you are ready before clicking through to Paypal.

And that's it, you should then receive a confirmation email and your order is sent through to Hysterical Games.


Note on Wave Shipping - Hysterical Games wants you to get your Panzerfäuste goodies as soon as possible so is offering shipping in Waves for those who want it. This means you can opt to pay additional shipping charges to receive your order sooner. Any items you select labelled Wave 1 will be shipped before the end of March, any labelled Wave 2 will be shipped before the end of Q3 andany labelled Wave 3 before the end of Q4. If you would like Wave shipping please select that option when completing your order, it will add a Shipping Charge of £1.00 to your order which must be paid via Paypal when you complete your order. Why only £1? Well, Hysterical Games is committed to ensuring you don't pay over the odds for shipping so is going to manually calculate the cost for each wave and send you a separate invoice for shipping once each Wave is packed and ready to ship. The £1 part payment means that your order is logged correctly and goes through to Hysterical Games even if your order balance is £0. Once the remaining shipping charge for Wave 1 is paid it will be posted out to you. Similarly you will receive an invoice for shipping when your Wave 2 and 3 orders are ready to ship.


Now go ahead and select your pledge! If you have questions or queries you can email me directly at craig@shattered-glass.co.uk and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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